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A Sound Start in Life

"We have professionally selected a range of the best music now available for children, while developing our own award-winning
Unique Baby Music Formula for soothing and enchanting mother and baby."

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"The music is beautiful! The richness of it is wonderfully soothing for my baby."

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"One of the most relaxing CDs we have ever had the pleasure of experiencing."

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Information about the benefits of good music heard throughout pregnancy, early life and into adulthood.

Pointers to fine participatory music programmes for young people.


Current Articles

Articles of the Month

Why Music Indeed?

Sing your way through the day

Music Therapy for children with Austistic Spectrum Disorder

Finding the Right Music Teacher

Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers

Choosing the Right Instrument for Your Child

Choosing Music for Children

Music at Bedtime

Playing Music Improves Your Hearing

Music in the Womb

Brief Overview

As these pages develop, we will be adding articles on the topics listed here, and links to sites which further explore these important elements of “Music in our Lives”. Currently active links show in purple.

1.  Why music?
2.  How to choose music for children
3.  Music in your child's daily routine
4.  Music at all ages and stages
5.  Why should kids be active in music?
6.  What's out there musically for your child?
7.  The music lesson
8.  The adult amateur News

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Our Unique "Baby Music Experience"

Our Unique "Baby Music Experience" has two ingredients.

We discovered that large groups of harps, or cellos, make the loveliest sounds when everyone plays in an almost totally relaxed fashion, much more so than when playing solo or in an orchestra.

This, when combined with the extraordinary aura of richness and depth which emerges when so many of the same instrument play together, imparts an irresistible sense of tranquillity and repose to the listener.

When we played this music to babies and youngsters they drifted off almost immediately, with a smile. But we found that not only could we calm them at sleep time or when they were anxious, we could also engage them when in a receptive mood.

And we're delighted when our music is enjoyed by adults too, for relaxation and entertainment!

Music In Our Lives

As these pages develop, we will be adding articles on each of the topics below, and links to further sources of valuable information and support for your children's music pleasure and participation. Currently active links show in purple.

1.  Why music?

1.1. Why Music Indeed?
1.2. Music is soothing--lullabies have had healing and calming value throughout the ages
1.3. Music is food for the brain--it can play a vital role in cognitive development
1.4. Music is fun--to listen to, and to sing and play
1.5. Music-making is character-developing
1.6. Music-making is liberating
1.7. Music-making is one of the richest forms of self-expression

2.  How to choose music for children

2.1. Our view of "good" music
2.2. Different music for different age groups
2.3. Caveats: how certain pop music is aimed at adolescent brains, not for the best of reasons
2.4. “The Field of Familiarity”--find favourite areas of music to dwell in, such as symphony, opera, solo, chamber, jazz,

folk, ethnic, early music and many more...

2.5. Music Therapy for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

3.  Music in your child's daily routine

3.1. Bedtime--how music enhances and assists with the bedtime experience
3.2. Sing your way through the day
3.3. Music in the car
3.4. Music during playtime
3.5. Music instead of TV...!

4.  Music at all ages and stages

4.1. In the womb--the value of creating a musical environment very early
4.2. Infants and Toddlers--engaging the senses, whether soothing or stimulating
4.3. Pre-school--music to stimulate the imagination and cognitive development
4.4. Elementary and primary school-creating the stage for learning an instrument
4.5. Secondary school--how the discipline of music-making assists in all areas of work and play, and lasts for life
4.6. Overall--a life including music is a richer life

5.  Why should kids be active in music?

5.1. Music promotes learning-it engages and stimulates the mind, crossing over to all subjects
5.2. Research connects musical participation to better school behaviour and better testing scores
5.3. Participation in music assists with children's growing ability to socialise
5.4. Achievement in music develops self-esteem
5.5. Achievement in music adds value when applying for university and college
5.6. Playing music improves your hearing

6.  What's out there musically for your child?

6.1. All the music on this site has been carefully selected
6.2. Early childhood programmes
6.3. In-school programmes
6.4. Private lessons
6.5. Youth music organisations (out of school): orchestras, choirs, music theatre, general music
6.6. Competitions
6.7. Summer camps
6.8. Pre-college programmes for young musicians
6.9. College, university and conservatory programmes, both for intending professional musicians and also for fulfilling,

avocational participation

7.  The music lesson

7.1. The best moment to begin formal music lessons
7.2. Choosing the right instrument for your child
7.3. Finding the right music teacher
7.4. Building music into a fine, well-rounded education-whether for average or gifted children
7.5. Music high schools--for exceptionally gifted children
7.6. Choosing a college which is right musically for your child

8. The adult amateur

8.1.  Avocational music making is the fastest growing area of classical music... world-wide!
8.2. Music lessons for adults, whether beginners or advanced
8.3. Musical performance outlets for adults
8.4. Competitions, master classes and other improvement programmes for adults
8.5. It's never too late!