Baby Music: calming music for newborn babies and their mothers. Inspiring music for children. Ideal gifts for babies, children and their parents!

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What the media say

Quotes from the press and professional commendations can be seen in the detailed page describing each recording.

Praise for Baby Cello in the press and from commentators

"The cello is the closest instrument to the human voice, according to conductor Geoffrey Simon, Artistic Director of Cala Records, whose 75-minute CD Baby Cello—Calming Music for Baby and You, will lull overexcited tots into peaceful slumber. Our tester loved this, saying: ‘It worked wonders with two baby boys on a long car ride.’ Another mum uses it for those slightly agitated times around tea and just before bed."   Sarah Stacey, The Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine, London

"Baby Cello is great to relax to."    Pregnancy & birth magazine London

"The music is beautiful! The richness of the cellos is wonderfully soothing for my baby. We listened to it every night while nursing and falling asleep."   iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer

"This CD was very smooth, calming music for the infant classroom. It calmed the children while preparing them for quiet reading and nap time."   iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer

"I loved the cover. It is adorable and eye catching. I also liked the variety of songs on the CD. My boys liked listening to this music at bedtime. It was very soothing."   iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer

"I recommend Baby Cello for parents and babies alike. It has the ability to uplift as well as soothe."
James E. Fragetta, Pediatrician, Baltimore

"The resonant, nurturing sound of 24 cellos supports baby in its musical journey through the many moods of life."
Chris Boyd Brewer, Educator, Musician and Author of "Rhythms of Learning" with Don Campbell

"The effortlessly rich sound of twenty four cellos evokes a sense of well-being in the listener and speaks directly to the heart."   Sierra Stokes-Stearns, Ph.D., MT-BC Music Therapist and Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery

"Since I wrote about Baby Cello last December, conductor Geoffrey Simon has been inundated with calls from grateful parents—and even one great-granny—testifying to its effectiveness. The warm, deep sound of the cellos works for grown-ups, too: I float off almost immediately."   Sarah Stacey, The Mail on Sunday YOU magazine, London

"It's remarkable to see how much music can help to shape an individual. Reseach connects musical participation to better school behaviour and achievement in music helps develop self-esteem". Read the full article here.    
Mark Kebble, School Report, London

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