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What customers say

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Customer reviews of Baby Cello

"I write to tell you how delighted I am with the Baby Cello CD. It was a present to my grand-daughter for her baby, my great-grandson. The baby had been restless at night—but when the CD was put on, it lulled him to sleep and they had a peaceful night—you can't get any better than that, can you? I also bought one for myself and it was wonderful to be given a night's sleep—I only wish I could stay awake long enough to hear the end of the CD!!!"   Mrs Dorcas Porter

"Superb listening. Well compiled, a rare treat. I thoroughly recommend it."   Clive Fisher

"We were given Baby Cello as a gift, and our whole family just loves it. My three-year-old asks for it by name. We use it to put our daughter to sleep by, but we love to use it as dinner music as well. It' s great to come home after a stressful day, light a couple of candles and eat dinner with Baby Cello on in the background. Once, in the middle of dinner, my mother stopped eating, put her hand on her heart, and said, ' Oh, I just love this music!' I knew exactly what she meant; the songs are so beautiful, and are played with such feeling that listening to them is very uplifting and moving. I have bought copies for several people as gifts, including people I know with babies and toddlers. My mother played her copy at a dinner party she was having, and she told me that all of her guests were writing down the name of it. Baby Cello will be a favorite. You can' t go wrong with this CD, and you just may find yourself dancing expressively around the room with your spouse! I highly recommend it."   Amy Pieri

"What a refreshing change to be able to offer my friends the gift of music for their forthcoming baby. At such a modest price I feel contented to know that this gift is designed to last a lifetime and furthermore, introduce their children to the wonderful world of both classical and traditional folk music. I picked this CD especially as the cello is a lovely instrument and a favourite of mine. When I first listened to the CD I found it very uplifting, yet calming at the same time. My friends agree that the quality of the reproduction is excellent and that it was obvious this collection had been compiled with great thought and was professionally produced. I now feel confident that I have gone some way towards introducing my friends' children to the love of music, which we have all enjoyed over the years. Keep up the good work!"    Carole Hood

"My grandmother recently purchased your CD Baby Cello for my son Milo aged 6 weeks. We would like to thank you for producing such soothing music. The cellos have worked wonders for Milo and us as new parents. At the end of the day we are often rather tired and have previously relied on rocking and shushing Milo to sleep. However we now use your CD in his nursery and Milo relaxes and sleeps 5 glorious hours. We play it all night so if he awakes a cuddle will be sufficient to send him back to sleep again. Thank you so very much and we highly recommend to all new parents!"   Jessica and Rhidian Crompton

"My grandson was born 22 August and his mum plays Baby Cello each night at bedtime. He really does seem to respond to the music and to calm down and fall asleep much more easily. Grandma like it too and will put it on her wish list!"   Mrs Howarth

"I knew the CD title and searched for an alternative to Amazon for ordering via Google. I had the same CD for my babies and listened to it so much it wore out. This is for the new baby in the family (cousins)" CJB

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